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Public Health

Public Health

Program Objectives

This program is aimed at providing you with an understanding of the key issues affecting the health of populations. You will develop skills in obtaining, reviewing and analyzing health information; planning and managing a health program or project; and in improving the health of populations.

Career Prospects:

You will be well-prepared to pursue a broad range of community and public health careers, or postgraduate studies in health-related disciplines:

  • Public health promoter and educator
  • Health care manager and administrator
  • Health policy analyst
  • Health researcher
  • Health program planner
  • Health consultant

Core Courses (20 credits)

PBH 210: Introduction to Health Promotion and Education

PBH 215: Fundamental of Community Health

BIO 310: Bioethics

NUS 310: Nutrition and Human Health

MCB 310: General Microbiology and Infectious Diseases

NUS 340: Medical Sociology and Anthropology

Concentration Courses (48 credits)

PBH 310: Consumer Health

PBH 313: Public Health Practicum

PBH 315: Introduction to Environmental Health

PBH 320: Maternal and Child Health

PBH 325: Modifying Health Behaviors

PBH 330: Introduction to Basic Epidemiology and Biostatics

PBH 335: Chronic Disease epidemiology

PBH 340: Substance Use and Abuse

PBH 410: Stress Management

PBH 415: Sexual Education

PBH 420: Health aspect of Aging.

PBH 425: Health Policy & Healthcare Systems

PBH 430: Health Program Planning Implementation and Evaluation

PBH 480: Design Project & Seminar on Public Health

PBH 498: Public Health Research Project