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Social Work

Social Work


The aim of the social work programme is to qualify the student to carry out social counselling and social work. The student must, independently and across professions and sectors, be able to contribute to prevention and solution of social problems as well as plan, coordinate, implement, evaluate and develop social measures at an individual level, at group level and in relation to organizations and society as a whole. The graduate must be able to practice social work within the public sector, including the employment area and the social measures area, as well as in the private and voluntary sectors.


Case Worker; Case Manager; Group worker; Community organizing; Social administration; Policy/legislative advocacy; Social welfare planning; Social welfare agency management; Counselor: Adolescent, Geriatric, Substance Abuse, Drug/Alcohol Abuse; Social Worker; Therapist Teen Outreach Coordinator; Child Welfare Specialist; Child Placement Agent; Probation and Parole Officer; Mental Health Worker; Rehabilitation Counselor; Program/ project development and management; Human resource development, including teaching.